Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping can be a daunting task. Let us take care of that for you with these amazing services.

How we handle your monthly books

Financial Overview

After account setup is complete, when you log into your dashboard, you will always be greeted by an overview of your business finances, including balances, graphs, trends, and any alerts from your personal bookkeeper.

Account Reconciliation

Every month, your books will be compared with your bank and credit card account statements, and any adjustments needed will be made to ensure your financial reports are accurate and you are ready for tax season!

Daily Balances

You’ll be able to log into your account and see all your current balances of linked bank and credit card accounts right on your dashboard. One location, one login for all.

Monthly Reports

Use the reporting tab in the menu on your dashboard to see your monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports.


We will prepare weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even sporadic payroll. this will include checks and direct deposits, processing employer tax payments and payroll tax fillings, and of courses, bookkeeping for the payroll transactions.

Tax Planning

Who of us wouldn’t love to get a tax refund at tax season? It’s our pleasure to give you invaluable tips while preparing your books in a way that may limit your tax liability.

Annual 1099

While this task is necessary to stay in compliance with IRS guidelines, it can be a task that raises a lot of questions: Should I or shouldn’t I 1099 this or that vendor? No worries, we got your back. We will generate, send out, and file these forms for you.

Catch up Bookkeeping

If you’ve fallen behind on your books, don’t let this stress you out. This aspect of our service will not only help you get caught in no time, but will also save you money with the IRS. On average, we’re able to bring your books up to date within 2-5 weeks.

Need an Accountant?

Having an accountant on your side will take your business even further, saving you from potential financial pitfalls. We can connect you with a trusted accountant who will not only advise you but will help you by getting your taxes filed.

No Credit Card Required